Ferran Besalduch

Josep Lluís Galiana & Ferran Besalduch. STROMBÒTICS

Josep Lluís Galiana & Ferran Besalduch. STROMBÒTICS. València: LIQUEN RECORDS. DL: V-827-2017 — LRCD003. PVP: 15€ Gastos de envío incluidos para España / Shipping costs included for Spain; para el resto del mundo, consulte coste de envío / for the rest of the world, see shipping cost; otros métodos de pago / other payment methods. Contacto / Contact: liquenrecords@liquenrecords.com Publicado bajo el nuevo sello valenciano LIQUEN RECORDS, los saxofonistas Josep Lluís Galiana y Ferran Besalduch han editado su primer trabajo discográfico.…

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Ensemble Errante. INTERVENTIONS

Ensemble Errante. INTERVENTIONS. Bilbao: ZAWP Records, 2016. PVP: 10€ (gastos de envío incluidos / shipping costs included) Otros métodos de pago / Other payment methods Envíos certificados / Registered mail contact : liquenrecords@liquenrecords.com     [Interventions] is an improvisational musical moment in a specific place. Colleages, friends, extraordinary musicians, all invited to La Escucha Errante festival we met at a round table to talk about music… playing music. I would also like to thank all the musicians who played with me for their generosity for bringing together in…

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