Joan Gómez Alemany: Electroacoustic Works (2016-2019). València: LIQUEN RECORDS. DL: V-3069-2019 — LRCD008. PVP: 15€

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All music composed by Joan Gómez Alemany
Mixed and mastered by Joan Gómez Alemany
Produced by Josep Lluís Galiana
Graphic design by J. Chagall (Gestionarama)
Text translated to english by Lola Desco García
© 2019 Joan Gómez Alemany
© p 2019 Liquen Records
DL: V-3069-2019 • LRCD008 •

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  1. Das blut von Tristan und Isolde ohne Einleitung (2017) – The title literally means «The blood of Tristan and Isolde without the Introduction» (of the Wagner’s opera). This work «extracts those inaudible sounds» from the celebrated Prelude of the opera composed by Wagner, to feel music that “can be heard in the overture” but in a modern way.
  2. Un grito y un cadáver (2018) – Premiered next to the paintings of Millares and Saura, its title evokes some of its painted figures. This tremendously violent and agitated composition seeks to bring the listener to a kind of dismemberment or break-up.
  3. Deus with cogitat music. Sed quid Deus cogitat (2016) – This title in latin could be translated as «God thinks of music. But what does God think?» A large sonorous cathedral built from the simple sound of the recorder which contains reminiscences and similarities to the composition by Charles Ives, The unanswered question.
  4. 4 Disparates de Goya (electronic version only revised. 2017-2019) – Originally for ensemble and electronics, this version uses the electronic materials of the previous one but organized in a different way. Starting from its sounds and textures, it seeks to «transcribe and not illustrate in sounds», 4 etchings by Goya.
  5. Omaggio a Scelsi (2017) – Giacinto Scelsi explored the sound and analysed it deeply, to its roots, creating a new way of thinking about sound. This tribute to the composer starts with the sound of the acoustic guitar and then by means of simple electronic operation creates an immense orchestra that acoustically could not exist, but thanks to electronic media it is possible to imagine.
  6. Meta-improvisació (2019) – Taking into consideration the limits between improvised and written music, this piece tries to reflect, not only with concepts, but also with the actual sounds. From the so-called ethnographic music and free improvisation, a sound continuum is created where the two coexist and seem to blend.
  7. Das blut von Tristan und Isolde mit Einleitung (2017) – The CD closes with the same piece of music from the beginning, creating a loop, but this time hybridizing with the same Wagnerian prelude.