No se pierdan las emisiones semanales de este podcast dirigido y presentado por Sergio Cabanillas.

UNIVERSOS PARALELOS acude puntualmente a la cita de las novedades discográficas alrededor de las músicas creativas, improvisadas y experimentales.



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LIQUEN RECORDS is a new label interested in spreading the improvised and experimental music. Emerged in the city of València in August 2016, LR aims to get the most discerning listener contemporary creative processes of the most outstanding artists of the current national and international music scene. LR is made up of a team of professionals and partners led by the musician and writer Josep Lluís Galiana with a long career and wide experience in the world of music and in its most diverse fields of action, as well as in the publishing world through its publisher Edictoràlia Llibres i Publicacions. Both trademarks belong to CAS 21 Company.

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