Con motivo de la crisis sanitaria provocada por el Covid19, desde Liquen Records os ofrecemos la oportunidad de conseguir tres discos de nuestro catálogo con la compra de dos y ahorrarte los costes de envío. Entra aquí y elige. Nuestro correo de atención es liquenrecords@liquenrecords.com

Due to the health crisis caused by Covid19, from Liquen Records we offer you the opportunity to get three discs from our catalog with the purchase of two and save on shipping costs. Enter here and choose. Our service email is liquenrecords@liquenrecords.com

Interested in spreading free improvised and experimental music and new contemporary creative processes


LIQUEN RECORDS is made up of a team of professionals and partners led by the musician and writer Josep Lluís Galiana with a long career and wide experience in the world of music and in its most diverse fields of action, as well as in the publishing world through its Edictoràlia Llibres i Publicacions. Both trademarks belong to CAS 21 Company